B-Naut Goes To (Gnarles) Barkley

As an unexpected turn to my evening yesterday, I had Dirty Mike fork over some tickets to see Gnarls Barkley at The Tabernacle here for their final US homecoming tour date in Atlanta. Some poor schmoe who gave up his tickets to me. Dirty Mike showing us tickets to a concert he will never see. Drifter poses proudly with the free tickets to the show. My partner in crime, Drifter (the Val Kilmer look-alike shown proudly posing with the free tickets we scored) and I arrived to the venue as the opening act was finishing their set. As to be expected, it was a packed house, standing room only. The crowd was a very cool and broad hodge-podge of different ages and demographics. As soon as the enormous Gnarls Barkley banner dropped from the ceiling to provide the backdrop for the band, the whole place cheered wildly.