Modern Retro(spect): My 20 Years As An Artist – Part 1

old-school-vs-new-schoolLadies and gentlemen - I am pleased to announce that as of today, I am celebrating exactly 20 years in this business! That's correct. my delusions of grandeur began August 21, 1993. So, since I love of storytelling... I give you my Top 5 most memorable moments of the time I have spent as an artist, a DJ, producer, and showman (in no particular order).

Amore Arte Amore

Quick video recap of the fun that was had at the gallery1526 exhibit opening event for Encyclomedia Atlanta on 10-22-10. The gallery curator specifically requested if I could come play an all-vinyl late 90s / early 2000s Breakbeat set. I was happy to oblige. Check it out.

B-Naut Goes To (Gnarles) Barkley

As an unexpected turn to my evening yesterday, I had Dirty Mike fork over some tickets to see Gnarls Barkley at The Tabernacle here for their final US homecoming tour date in Atlanta. Some poor schmoe who gave up his tickets to me. Dirty Mike showing us tickets to a concert he will never see. Drifter poses proudly with the free tickets to the show. My partner in crime, Drifter (the Val Kilmer look-alike shown proudly posing with the free tickets we scored) and I arrived to the venue as the opening act was finishing their set. As to be expected, it was a packed house, standing room only. The crowd was a very cool and broad hodge-podge of different ages and demographics. As soon as the enormous Gnarls Barkley banner dropped from the ceiling to provide the backdrop for the band, the whole place cheered wildly.

Have balls? Will travel for several years running. Unfortunately, aside from seeing them annually at Dragon*Con and the occasional post-monster truck rally book reading (long story...), I rarely get to see Widgett and his band of nutjobs from the Sleep Deprivation Institute in the flesh.
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