Ready to R O C K in the USA

DMR_chrome_logoWell, I recently decided to try something completely out of the box from anything else I've done: I want to join a band. So as of now, I am the new DJ for a rock band in Atlanta by way of Detroit + Los Angeles. The band is called Detroit Mutant Radio. We basically answer the question, "What would Red Hot Chili Peppers sound like if they did hiphop?". So yeah. Wrap your head around that. Better still, hook up with the band on your favorite media outlet at iLike, GarageBand, YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace, CDBaby,, and any of the hundreds of Google search entries we have.   I met up with the band a few weeks ago thanks to an ad on Atlanta CraigsList. I played my first live show with them August 30th @ the Apache Cafe in downtown ATL. OMG that was so fun. We ended up being the house band for poets from DefPoetrySlam and rocked out 2 sets in between. I even managed to slip in a quick solo hip hop mix with a bit of Jurassic5, KRS-One, Beastie Boys, and De La Soul. I even got pics of the band! Check it out!