Modern Retro(spect): My 20 Years As An Artist – Part 1

old-school-vs-new-schoolLadies and gentlemen - I am pleased to announce that as of today, I am celebrating exactly 20 years in this business! That's correct. my delusions of grandeur began August 21, 1993. So, since I love of storytelling... I give you my Top 5 most memorable moments of the time I have spent as an artist, a DJ, producer, and showman (in no particular order).

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012

Kamikaze Test Dummies (Ma’ku and myself) were green lighted by AWA 2012 to be one of several DJs to perform for their Saturday night party (aka, “The Rave That Is Not A Rave Because The Word ‘Rave’ Implies There Is Drugs And Alcohol Involved”, so says AWA management).  Ma’ku has been to several of these Japanese animation conventions, and he is well versed in the Anime subculture. I, on the other hand, took this gig as a whole new experience. All in all, we had a blast. 

Below are some fan videos I found on YouTube after the convention. Both videos offer a true feel of the crowd, the costumes, and what happened over the course of the weekend.

At 3:14 of the above video, you can get a quick peek of the 3500+ people dancing and going nuts Saturday night while we were on stage.

Check out the roller coaster rat maze style line that waited in the lobby while we set up for the Saturday night party (at 2:30).

Much thanks to DJ Auptimus, Jinnai, Innubito, Pixel8, and Bishop for taking us in and letting us share the stage with you.


remix-hotel-atlantaOne week ago, I was privileged enough to attend the Remix Hotel in the Renaissance Waverly Hotel near the Cobb Galleria. There, I saw some amazing equipment being demonstrated from vendors like Stanton, Rane, Roland, and a few others. I spoke to a few of the vendor reps and have a decent chance of getting on board to perform corporate-based demos, provided I jump through a few hoops. I met the owner of one of my favorite record shops based out of Texas, I got t-shirts, brochures of stuff I can't afford right now, and CDs from other independent artists like myself. Most importantly...

Today was a good day

ice cube good dayGood gobeldy goo! What a week! Seems the networking I've been doing lately has paid off. So, kick back. Relax. Grab a sandwich because I'm going to tell y'all the whole detailed story. This is yet another day in the life of B-Naut.
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