As many of you know, I’ve been in cahoots with the good people at for several years running. Unfortunately, aside from seeing them annually at Dragon*Con and the occasional post-monster truck rally book reading (long story…), I rarely get to see Widgett and his band of nutjobs from the Sleep Deprivation Institute in the flesh.

But as of June 24th, that will change. Because I cordially invite everyone within earshot of my voice to join us for the Gabfest Bowl-O-Rama + Afterparty!

In short, we have a full day of food, folks, bad footwear, and huge balls that could do severe damage if ever misused. We’ll bowl. We’ll drink. We’ll travel. We’ll dance. We’ll eat. We’ll crash.

Seems I’ve been hiding myself under a rock lately and suddenly need to get really sociable really quick before I go nutty with cabin fever. So…Come on out. Tell a friend to tell a friend to bring a friend! I wanna make this a social EVENT!

WHERE: TBA (follow the message board thread for details as it develops)
WHEN: June 24th @ 4pm

Bowl-O-Rama Afterparty:
WHERE: My place! 1602 Summer Way / ATL, GA 303xx
WHEN: June 24th @ 8pm


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