I got off at 6pm Friday evening. I planned to take a quick nap to refresh, clean the apartment, say hello to Scott, and then bounce out to shop for the party. Didn’t happen that way. I woke up in my computer chair with one arm numb to the sound of Scott banging on my door wanting to be let in at 11pm. The house was a mess. I was still tired. I still needed to shop. So, I let him in and cleaned until 2:45am…sit down to rest a second and doze off… I looked at the clock and it’s now 4:30am and I still need to shop for food and supplies for the party. I go shopping. I wound up with a $250 bill @ Wal-Mart, and pack all my stuff in the house in time to bounce to work an hour late.

I go to work Sat morning pumped full of chemicals, clock out @ 2pm, rearrange furniture with ScottC and BobTheZombie, set up my DJ system in the living room and we get to the bowling alley in midtown at 4pm. I do what mildly resembles bowling with a good 10 people from NeedCoffee.com there…They were waiting on me to show up to see what damage I can do with a bowling ball. I suck at bowling and ended up having a 9 year old outscore me, but I think I dented the lane and one of the balls so I’m happy. BobTheZombie whips out her own ball knowing better to fall for her “It’s been a while since I’ve bowled” hustle….Widgett for a social hermit bowls very well. After a single game, we bounce back to my place for drinks, munchies and gaming.

We arrived at 6ish at my place. I mixed together some potent drinks in the 2-gallon Gatorade coolers. (One labeled “GA Peach Martinis” and the other was labeled “The Root Of All Evil” which was invented and named that morning.) I DJed. They ate and happily socialized. Q, Lamar, Allison and Grant dropped by to join us. ….Then I had a few of my DJ buds drop by and take over the music. My house was packed comfortably. It was The Lil House Party That Could. BobTheZombie whipped out a game of Zombies to help entertain/distract the natives. Everyone seemed to have fun. Around midnight, people started shuffling out.

But then one of the other DJs get a call offering a slot to DJ an afterparty in Midtown. They volunteered me for the slot despite how obvious it was that I was on my last leg and needed sleep. UMadman and the rest of them kept pushing for me to hit the afterparty and hand their asses to them DJing. I popped a few Red Bull and a multi-vitamin and packed up my records. “Let’s do this!”

The afterparty was in a shady 3rd floor loft out in the hood near The Compound. We piled out of our cars and went inside before unloading our record bags. We needed to know if the slot was still open for me to play and if the host who called was still there. Luckily, nothing changed, and I got the green light to set up. I went out with Karma to go get my bags and headphones. When I did, there were even more people scrambling for parking spaces. I knew I’d have a great audience, which is exactly what I wanted since I hadn’t played anywhere decent in a while. (Dayjob and life gets in the way sometimes.) My set went well. A lot of people crammed themselves on the couches in front of me and dancers were popping glowsticks. Those not dancing were bobbing their heads and tapping their feet to my music anyhow. I don’t know how long I played, but eventually I blew the sound system twice. When people started realizing the technical difficulties were too much, they started to leave.

But before I left, the host has tentatively booked me for a 12-party series in 12 different clubs starting the last Friday in July. It’s called Rehab. The point is to squash the negativity between a lot of the production crews in the Atlanta area and to bring the upscale clubs together with the underground club kids who rarely mix. Tank, the promoter, is bringing in a lot of Breakbeat, Drum&Bass, and Trance DJs to these shows rather than the normal Top40 and House DJs that get a lot of play in ATL. He’s trying to offer something different and wants me to be a part of that. I said I’m down, but we need to work out details still.

Anyway, after I packed up, carried my crated back down three flights of stairs…I was met up by an old friend, Mr. Fantastic, in the parking lot saying, “Y’all need a PA system? I got one in my car ready to go. …And Mr. B-Naut, I would LOVE the privilege of tag teaming with you.” …I replied, “You bastard. … … Let me call into work. I’ll be up in a few.”

UMadman and I didn’t get home until 11am Sunday. I slept until work the next day.

For all those involved in making last weekend a success, I thank you. I also need to find a way to unload the excessive plethora of beer, liquor, and munchies that are piled in my kitchen. I’m open to suggestions. If you have any, please let me know.


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