• DJ B-Naut presents: AMPLIFIER...An Electronic Tribute To Rock
  • The Ballad of Ryan Seacrest WFGC Edition
  • Appetite For Dysfunction
  • Kamikaze Test Dummies - Silk Road Warriors
  • Kamikaze Test Dummies LIVE at Quad Atlanta Feb 27 2012

AMPLIFIER: An Electronic Tribute To ROCK

AMPLIFIER: An Electronic Tribute To ROCK

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AMPLIFIER embodies everything B-Naut is known for.

When fans walk into any venue…if they hear clashing mashups of cutting edge Electro, Hard Rock, Punk, Industrial, and legendary party classics where everyone sings along loud and proud…they know without question it’s B-Naut behind the decks. EVERY song in this mix contains at least one (if not multiple) legends of Rock. AMPLIFIER is B-Naut’s way of offering thanks to all of the guitar heroes that have inspired him throughout his career.

THIS is his signature sound. This is AMPLIFIER.


1.) Guns N’ Roses vs Killers – Sweet Child Of Brightside (DJs From Mars)
2.) AplusD – Party Rock Song 2 (LMFAO vs Blur)
3.) Skillet – Monster (JIR3H-3 Electro Mix)
4.) Loo & Placido vs The Police – Watch Out Roxanne
5.) Marylin Manson – Tainted Love (Ghetto Sexuual Remix)
6.) Rage Against the Machine – Testify (Beef Theatre RMX)
7.) Van Halen – Jump (Wick-it Remix)
8.) Critical Hit – Tweaker’s Anthem (Metallica vs Beastie Boys)
9.) Skrillex ft. The Doors vs Zedd vs Florence & The Machine vs Katy Perry – Breakin’ The Doors
10.) House Of Pain vs Queen – We Will Jump (LACA Remix)
11.) Wolfgang Gartner vs Nine Inch Nails – Illmerican Wish (B-Naut vs Venom Middle Finger Mash)
12.) Let’s Go Crazy (Ozzy vs Lil Jon vs Samples Remix)

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