Doctor Moreau’s Electro Luau

Doctor Moreau's Electro Luau

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The good people at once reviewed a remix project I did years ago. Widgett Walls said in that review, “DJ B-Naut is THE Dr. Moreau of DJs. This man will commit sonic crimes against God and Humanity and never think twice about it.” Being the sci-fi geek that I am, I figured it was only fitting to name a full mix set after such a fitting review.

As with any of my full length mixes, there is a blend of several things happening:
Doctor Moreau’s Electro Luau Recipe:

  • 4 cups of Balls to the Wall Bass
  • 3 tablespoons Hard Rock
  • Add a pinch of Top 40 Clubbing
  • 2 Turntables
  • Sprinkle a generous helping of, “Wait. That’s NOT how that song is supposed to sound.”
  • Shock with lots of dirty Electro
  • Add a dash of Old School Sensibility
  • 1 Splash of alcohol
  • Beat and Mix very well
  • This dish is best served hot. Feeds one to hundreds of guests. Don’t forget to share.


1. Meet Doctor Moreau (Intro)
2. Welcome Back – The Kleptones
3. Smack My Killer Bitch Up (Kid Kaos Mix) – Prodigy vs The Killers
4. We Will Rock You – Queen (DJ Vini vs DJ Antoine Electro Remix)
5. Smells Like Teen Spirit (2007 Patrick Alavi Rerox) – Nirvana
6. Adriano Ferre – Blurred (Bootleg)
7. Hot Pink Delorean – Fake Warp To Bloody Mars Bloody Beetroots Aoki Fake Blood
8. Bass Kleph  Stellar MC – Spend My Money (The Mastertrons Vocal Remix)
9. Far East Movement – Like A G6 (Perez Brothers Remix)
10. Jermaine Dupri – Favorite DJ (Cataracts Remix)
11. House of Pain – Jump Around (OTOMATIC RMX)
12. Tag Team – Whoomp There It Is (Vinyl Shakers Remix)
13. Daft Punk vs. Chaka Khan ‎– Ain’t No Television
14. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams  (Santiago Nino Remix)
15. Wolfgang Gartner feat Gram Ma Funk – Funk Nasty
16. Prodigy vs. Beastie Boys – Voodoo Sabotage

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