Kamikaze Test Dummies

http://www.b-naut.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/DSC_0104.png http://i0.wp.com/www.b-naut.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/DSC_0046-e1370921985841.png?w=940

This is one crazy sick duo. B-Naut and Ma’ku combine their eclectic mash-up styles to create unique sound and video fusion that will compel crowds to dance all night long.

Ma’ku started on the path like many other DJs, for his love of the music. Classically trained as a violinist, he made the most logical next step – stepping to the decks. Starting with trance and house music, he found his true love with breaks, house, remixes and mashups. In his first few years he spun a few house parties but nothing really big until he answered another call to join the Marines. The USMC gave him a chance to hear different styles from around the world. After spending a year in California and a year in Japan, Ma’ku came back to the East coast USA working hard on his passion for music. Spinning at East Carolina University frat parties and other functions around the state, Ma’ku came back to Atlanta to perform at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008. Ma’ku has been seen spinning at some of the South East’s most prestigious night clubs. What Ma’ku brings is a seasoned old school style of mixing with new school flavor. He is an avid Anime junkie who has been a fanboy since he was thirteen years old.

In 2011, Kamikaze Text Dummies exploded on the scene in Atlanta as a hot new remix duo and since then has been featured at Quad Atlanta, Frequency, and Stone Studios. They made their debut at Anime Weekend Atlanta and are super excited to join the festivities.

You can easily hear the drastic contrast when B-Naut and Ma’ku perform at an event side by side. Ma’ku is known to pump out the booty shaking vocal Breakbeats that gets melded with the dirty grinding Electro, Dubstep, and Mashups coming from B-Naut.